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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Wedding

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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Sunset, Alternative Wedding Venue Potters Instinct Photography

I have been really looking forward to writing this wedding blog! Penny & Jason got married in the summer of 2019, at St Mary’s Church in Wendover then an alternative wedding reception at the amazing Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s, Penny, her sister’s, her brother and I all went to 2409 Halton Squadron ATC together! Being in the Air Training Corps were some of the best years of my life and I have very fond memories and funny moments at the squadron.

I have been extremely fortunate to have photographed a number of my ex Air Cadet friends weddings; even having one of my ex-cadets along as a second shooter! So I am always incredibly honoured when I hear from who I can only describe as some of my closest friends from my early and late teens asking me to photograph their wedding day.

Penny got in touch with me; along with her fiancé Jason who is an airline pilot! (Didn’t she do well!) long before their actual wedding date and I had been excited for that very long time to finally photograph their wedding day!

To St Mary’s Church in Wendover!

After a very relaxed getting ready and catch up with all the girls (as I had not seen them all together for nearly 20 years!) it was time to head over to ST Mary’s Church in Wendover near Aylesbury.

The atmosphere at St Mary’s was relaxed, bright and full of laughter!

As a nervous Jason stood at the end of the aisle, Penny came into the church with a very proud dad around her arm. And when Penny & Jason first both made eye contact you could see from Jason’s expression how much he loved Penny. It’s these moments I enjoy capturing the most, you capture raw emotion in a split second that can sum up how someone one or some people were feeling at that time in their lives.

What an amazing Church ceremony it was! I don’t think they stopped smiling the whole way through!

We all then got into our cars and started our journey to what is such an amazing and exciting alternative wedding venue, The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre!

Setting The Scene at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre! Vintage Wedding Decorations!

Now on this occasion, I am more than happy to put nearly 2 dozen images of the vintage wedding decoration setup within the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, because frankly, it looked absolutely frickin amazing!

If you are on the lookout for a really cool, alternative, bright, roomy wedding venue for your wedding day; or decor inspiration, check this out! Penny & Jason made it look spectacular, including, a hand made up-cycled GIN BAR! Phoar!

WOOO WOOO!! Time to board the train!

The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is another one of my childhood nostalgia trips! I used to come here a lot as a child and enjoyed going on the full size and miniature trains. So to photograph a wedding and get on a train to photograph IN the train I mean, I was tripping off the excitement tree! The smells, the noise, the light spilling in through the cabin windows, it was BRILLIANT!

And the best bit is! ALL the guest get a chance to ride up and down on the train aswell! I mean, what more would you want as a wedding day experience for your guests! So cool!

After lots of fun having a ride on the train and taking some memorable group photos on the platform, it was time to head inside the beautifully restored station for the wedding breakfast and speeches!

As a guest, it must be amazing, looking around eating your dinner at the stunning structure that turns an incredible orange colour when the sun is setting. Very romantic and pretty reception venue!

The Golden Hour! Time explore the grounds of The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre!

How awesome is that for an area to take your couple for a wonder!

P – A – R – T – Y !

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, it was such an honour to photograph Penny & Jason’s Wedding, being back with amazing friends, living their wedding day and being at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, I had so much fun and will enjoy jumping onto this blog myself on occasion to look back on the fun we all had!

Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Quainton Aylesbury

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Supplier List!

Venue: The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Flowers: Signature Flowers
Dress: An ‘Agnes’ dress from Rose’s Bridal room
Suits: Domino Hire Wear
Makeup: Amy Brown
Car: Allerston Taylor & Regency Carriages
Catering: Kingfisher Catering
Light up letters & Photopod: Ellis Elite Events
DJ & light canopy: Inspira Sound and Lighting

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Wedding

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