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Wedding Photographer The Great Barn Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Village and The Great Barn Wedding Aynho

On possibly the hottest day of 2019, I had the pleasure of starting; with my partner in crime Mette from Tinsel Town Wedding Films, what would end up to being a super hot day in more ways that one!

This story begins with an amazing couple who have a deep love of travelling around the world. Claire & Carl had a vision of bringing all the elements of their travelling experience; and the warm secure love of small village life, into their wedding inspirations.

We started in the beautiful little Oxfordshire village of Epwell. Claire grew up here and her parents, particularly her dad, farmed the land around the village. The family also have a great fondness of the village church of St Anne’s, which will become more apparent later in this blog!

With Claire getting ready at the family home, which was a 2-minute walk from the church doors, and Mette and I walking across open fields to reach the village pub where Carl met his groomsmen, we could both feel the excitement to capture the day!

One supplier I would absolutely love to mention at this point is my friend Anna of ANNA JAYNE DESIGNS. She is an amazing artist and creates beautiful and unique items for your wedding day. The ties and Carls painted shoes in these images are her’s! I adore seeing individuality on a wedding day!

Claire looked amazing in her dress from Shakespeare In Love Boutique. It was lovely observing how proud her mum and dad where!

I love flower arrangements like this! Super Vibrant with Excitement!

It was time to take the short walk through the village, to the church that you could see from the family home front door. Such a special moment in itself!

Bridesmaids escort the bride through the village of Epwell in Oxfordshire
Vibrant bridal flowers held by the bridesmaid at a wedding in Epwell Oxfordshire
The bride being greeted by the vicar of St Anne's church in Epwell Oxfordshire

The vicar was one of the nicest I have ever met! Very open to Mette and I to capture as much as possible of the wedding ceremony. It’s always a delicate balance when photographing at a church, to respect the churches wishes and to capture the bride and grooms once in a lifetime celebration. But it was so refreshing this time around!

It was time for Carl and Claire to make eye contact for the first time from each end of the aisle. As you can tell the love they have for each other is unprecedented and the emotions were amazing to capture.

After an amazing ceremony then being led out of the church to the spine-tingling sound of the bagpipes under a traditional farmers pitchfork archway, it was time to see the first of 2 really cool additions to Claire & Carls wedding vision! Firstly!

The Amazing V-Dub Van from Vintage Wedding Day!

But then something that I was only told about on the day of the wedding. Claire’s dad; as mentioned earlier is dedicated to helping maintain and look after St Anne’s Church, a number of months ago planted an entire field FULL of vibrant, electric, beautiful meadow flowers! I’d never seen anything like it, what an incredible wedding gift to the couple.

Mette at work!

It was time to head off to The Great Barn Aynho!

As I said at the start of this blog, it was possibly one of the hottest days of the year. When I left Epwell my car thermometer said 41 degs!!

So we caught some shade to wait for Carl & Claire to arrive down the long dramatic driveway of The Great Barn.

So many amazing personal and inspirational ideas had gone into dressing The Great Barn, it looked so colourful and unique!

One feature that particularly stood out to me, was the signpost, pointing to all the places they had visited in the world and where many of their friends had come from for the wedding day. It was even orientated by compass so the arrows pointed in the right direction!

What a way to end the perfect day!

Always a huge pleasure to photograph at The Great Barn!

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Supplier List!

Dress – Shakespeare in Love – Wedding Boutique – Stratford upon Avon
Hair – Salon 2 Hairdressing
Venue – The Great Barn – Wedding Venue
Suits – Peter Posh Suit Hire
Transport – Vintage wedding day
Stationary and Clothing Designs – Anna Jayne Designs
Videographer – Mette TinselTown Wedding Films

Oxfordshire Village and Barn Wedding Aynho

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