Want to see an epic game of hide and seek?

Oxfordshire Family Photography in Kidlington Woodland

Just before Christmas 2020 I was given the amazing opportunity to don my waterproofs and hiking boots, and meet The Screnock’s in a beautiful piece of woodland just outside of Kidlington, catching the early morning sunrise for a family photography adventure!

Are Family Photoshoots Staged?

Family Photography was one of the main sources of inspiration that started my journey 10 years ago as a photographer. It’s an honour to become part of a family for 1 or 2 hours and having that ability to gain trust, allowing the family to completely relax and “Be Themselves”

The same goes for a wedding shoot, you have a very short amount of time to get to know a family and/or friends in the morning so everyone is relaxed around you for the rest of the day. It is part of the many skills as a photographer you have to learn, that is not necessarily anything to do with taking a picture with a camera.

My philosophy for being part of a family photo shoot is to encourage a family to behave like they are just out for a fun time! Their focus is not to try and get great images, that’s my job! Their job is to have some special time together, bond, love each other and laugh.

Where are good locations for a family photoshoot?

I get asked this question most times a family would like to book a family photography shoot with me. My advice is to be in a location that is either personal to you as a family, or, a location you feel you’ve wanted to visit for a while and make it into a day of discovery.

Having the children in particular either comfortable in familiar surroundings or creating that adventure will distract them from the reality of having their picture taken, which can be nerving for some children.

Where ever you have your photoshoot, having fun together is the key to getting great images!

What did The Screnock’s think of their time with me!?

I always strive to give the best experience possible to family’s who have given their trust in me to photograph them, and it was so heartwarming when I received this review from The Screnock’s thank you guys!

“It had been several years since we had family photos taken, and wanted to get it done before Christmas. Kevin was great with scheduling and being flexible, and on the day of the shoot he was amazing. He came prepared to take photos in the muddy woods, wearing rain trousers, and was willing to have fun with the kids, inviting them to play hide and seek and ready to see their favorite play spots. This helped them be comfortable, which really made their personalities come through in the photos. It wasn’t long after the shoot that we received an email with links to our photos, and then Kevin promptly touched up a couple of things in photoshop that we requested. Overall, we are super pleased with our photos, and so glad we went to Potters Instinct Photography for this year’s family photos.

We’ll be back!”

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