Emma & Darryl


Choosing Kev was a no-brainer.

Throughout our wedding experience, he put us at ease and talked us through what to expect. It can be a minefield when working out what you want and what the ‘norm’ is so it was a relief to have Kev there to tell us what options there were. We had loads of questions about all different aspects of our day, not just relating to the photographs, but Kev was happy to share his experience and help us decide important aspects, such as the running order of the day.

We went to visit our venue with Kev before our big day and it was a great opportunity to think about the best places for photos and who we wanted in group shots. On the day itself it was like he wasn’t there (no offence, Kev!!) What I mean is that he wasn’t ‘in the way’ or bossing people about telling them where to be or how to stand – he was so professional and built a relationship with our guests who commented on how friendly he was.

We went to Kev’s studio to look through our photos and were absolutely blown away. We couldn’t believe how many he had taken without us even realising and it enabled us to see our wedding day from a new perspective. Having to choose a certain number to go in the final album was difficult as they were all such beautiful photos but we were able to have all of the original images on a USB stick. By the way, it is the most stylish USB stick you will ever see! We chose the album cover colour and the sleeve colour to match our wedding theme and we did the same with the special box for the USB.

As for the album itself – it is absolutely stunning and everyone who has seen it has said it has captured the day perfectly. We feel like the photographs really reflect and capture ‘us’ as a couple and we can’t thank Kev enough for creating the most beautiful album we will treasure forever.

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