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I know how crucial it is to find the right photographer for your wedding, one who can effortlessly capture the essence of your special day in every photo.

I will immerse myself in your wedding day, taking time to get to know you as well as your family and guests. My style is documentary, creative and relaxed, while my presence is unobtrusive and friendly, leaving you free to focus on your special day while I focus on capturing each moment of it. By working in this way, I am able to capture special moments as they unfold naturally, resulting in genuine, spontaneous, vibrant images that you can treasure for a lifetime. Of course, I would be delighted to take more formal pictures, as I do believe they play an important part in creating a treasured historical record. But! I will always try to keep them to a minimum so that they don’t take up too much time.

The number of weddings I undertake each year is capped at 15, as this allows me to devote more time, love and energy to each and every couple I work with. And because I enjoy it so much, it’s important for me to find like-minded, fun and bubbly couples who are looking for a photographer with character to represent their style and energy.

If you would like this to be you, I’d love to hear your wedding day plans! Please get in touch.

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