What is a Micro Wedding?

micro wedding is a wedding with fewer than 20 or so guests in total. As it’s a lot smaller in size, it’s almost always a lot cheaper, more relaxed and shorter in length than a traditional wedding day might be.

Micro Weddings are the new hit word within the wedding industry for certainly 2020 and likely for 2021 aswell.

So, am I missing out by having a Micro Wedding?

Absolutely not! Take a look at these stunning images taken at a recent micro wedding in Oxford, which took place due to Covid-19 restrictions. I think you’ll agree that the very nature of this micro wedding added to the intimacy of the day.

Finding a Micro Wedding Photographer

Throughout my career, I have photographed many small weddings. I personally have always treasured this style of wedding due to their relaxed and intimate nature. A small or micro wedding is not new or something to only consider due to the restrictions of 2020 and 2021, but should be looked at as an option by couples who would prefer more a more intimate wedding day within the next year or two.

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My amazing couple Chris & Fearn got married at The Oxford Townhall in October 2020. Oxford is such a beautiful, inspiring and discoverable city to roam and play with and the Oxford Townhall is always a treasured location for me as it was the setting for my first ever wedding shoot 10 years ago.

Why not Stream your Micro Wedding Day? It Works!

Things were a little different this time round. It was very strange having to see guests spaced far apart, everyone wearing masks and lots of guests logged in watching their wedding via a computer or phone screen.

But what became apparent very quickly was that none of this mattered! The few guests that were allowed to attend were so honoured to be there, and the remaining guests who saw the ceremony over a live stream were super excited to be involved! They even all got dressed up!

And that’s the point, you can do whatever makes you happy for your wedding day, everyone will support your decision and will be sending you love where ever they are in the world.

Oxford is a Fantastic Wedding Location

After playing with some beautiful window light in the dark atmospheric hallways of The Oxford townhall, we all felt it was time to hit the streets of Oxford!

Oxford has a wonderful labyrinth of side streets available to explore, and because it was a micro wedding, it meant we had lots of time to play with before the wedding breakfast!

Chris & Fearn really wanted to cross over the High Street and head to the Radcliffe Camera Square and The Bridge of Sighs, and why wouldn’t you!? What we were not expecting was what happened next!

After a few portraits with the amazing Radcliffe Camera in the background (You can’t get more Oxford than that!) we came across a sea of students celebrating a graduation. And something amazing happened!

The entire square of students erupted in applause for Chris and Fearn, it was so special to see and hear!

And not only that, the students even coordinated amongst themselves to clear the area below The Bridge of Sighs, just so we can have a picture ourselves. Thanks Oxford students you were awesome that day!

Time for dinner! At The Ivy…

The Ivy Oxford Brasserie

What an amazing and unique setting for an intimate wedding reception! Whoever was the interior designer wow, genius!

After hearing some wonderful words it was time for me to de-kit and head for home. But just before I did, Chris and Fearn kindly offered me a salted caramel coffee martini. Well, it would have been rude to refuse! It was absolutely delicious and rounded up what was a very memorable time with my gorgeous couple.

As you can see, micro weddings can be fun, adventures and romantic!

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Venue: The Oxford Townhall

Venue: The Ivy Oxford Brasserie

Flowers: Bicycle Blooms Oxford

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